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        Hello! Welcome to the official website of Yangzhou Star Boiler Co., Ltd.!
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        Ultra-low Nitrogen Modular Hot Water Boiler

        ● Design Concept:Furnace structure of all stainless steel sheet and stainless steel finned tube uses low temperature backwater to enter from the outlet of flue gas. Contrary to the flue gas flow of boiler, it fully absorbs latent heat and sensible heat in flue gas, thus greatly improving the thermal efficiency and flue gas temperature of boiler.≤50°C。
        ● Service life:>30年
        ● High efficiency:≈108%
        ● Ultra-low nitrogen:≈18mg/m3

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        Ultra-low Nitrogen Stainless Steel Steam Unit

        ● Design Concept:All stainless steel sheet and stainless steel finned pipe smoke suspension wood mid-range design, water capacity < 30L, without inspection
        ● Scope of application:Ironing and washing industry, beverage and wine industry, food processing industry, biochemical industry, heating and constant temperature sterilization and disinfection equipment
        ● Combustion Technology:Independent research and development, NOX 30 mg/m steam drying degree: saturated steam after two high-efficiency steam-water separation, drying degree>98%

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        Yangzhou Star Boiler Co., Ltd.

        Star Boiler, founded in Korea in 88, began to enter China in 1998. After many years of development, two major boiler production bases, Yangzhou Star Boiler Co., Ltd. and Zhoukousda Boiler Co., Ltd., have been established successively, specializing in research, development, manufacture and sales of thermal products.
        Nowadays, the world's energy structure has undergone tremendous changes, the coverage of gas pipeline network has been expanding, and the environmental protection situation has become more and more serious. Energy conservation and emission reduction have increasingly become the central theme of energy work. Gas-fired boilers will certainly take a larger share in the boiler market. 

        Good brand

        Founded in Korea in 88, it entered China in 1998.
        Professional in thermal products research and development

        High-quality after-sales

        Perfect after-sales service, wholeheartedly
        Patronage guidance and business negotiation

        Professional team

        Have skilled scientific and technological designers
        Working as a team and a good team

        High cost performance ratio

        More than 60 patents of China Patent Office
        The company's products have formed a series of sixteen congresses

        Yangzhou Star Boiler Co., Ltd.



        Address: No. 999 Wantou Shawan

        North Road,

        Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province



        Zhoukousda Boiler Co., Ltd.



        Address:No. 999 Yangxia, Taikang Industrial Agglomeration Area,

        Zhoukou City


        Vietnam Star Boiler Co., Ltd.



        Address: Chau De Industrial Park, Badi City,

        Touton Province, 20


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